“2045: The end of WW3… With only 3% of the world’s population left after total nuclear fallout, the few that remain are left to build a new society; one bereft of the technology, material trinkets and infrastructure they had long taken for granted before. Even with a new way of life, the humans attempts to reverse the damage of the war prove futile; all the waste, pollution and death have already permeated the Earth’s core, slowly mutating the dying planet from the inside, out. A rise in sightings of unexplained giant monsters on the surface soon rattled the poor survivors. Mercifully oblivious of the humans, the beasts (dubbed Kaijyu) were more intent on destroying each other…Fighting to the death in the Kaijyu Battlegrounds to secure territory in the New World!”

The Kaijyu Battleground universe is split up into three very different groups; the New World Alliance, Team Kaijyu, and a small band of resistance known as the Freedom Fight, Go! Team. Click on the logos below to find out more about each faction and its various characters. These will be updated regularly as more are added to the line-up, so be sure to keep checking back for more!

Founded by the few remaining government officials, scientists and military from the Old World, this international coalition aims to eradicate all kaijyu and detractors alike- by any means necessary! Friends or foe to humanity? Only time will tell…

Born from the pollution, death and destruction of WW3, these fearsome beasts are Earths last chance at restoring balance. Feared by many, worshipped by some, there is one thing agreed on by all; these towering demi-gods are here to stay whether we like it or not!

Kaijyu worshippers-turned- resistance fighters against the intensifying grip of the NWA, this crazy band of warriors search for freedom and equality for all. Understanding the importance of Kaijyu for the future of the Earth, they will do anything to secure their safety!

Born out of a deep love of dioramic toys for play (Poppy’s Mutropolis Base, Bluebird’s Mighty Max), kaiju (particularly pachimon) and the early neo kaiju scene, Kaijyu Battleground is a narrative-led series featuring toys that span across many different genres in the boutique sofubi and keshi industry, including fully-fledged playsets, classic-style large and mid-size, minis and more – all which in their own way help develop the KB story further in a similar way to classic lines of the 80s and 90s.

On top of the steady flow of toy releases, we’re also hard at work on a number of complimentary media, including ephemeral paper goods, mini comics and even an animation which will help to flesh out the post-apocalyptic narrative even further. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates soon!

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