The hub for all things non-Kaijyu Battleground related at ShinGangu HQ. Here you will find archives of all recent 3rd party keshi work, collaborative sofubi projects and officially sanctioned custom one-offs/paint runs.

Hand cast keshi from Shin Gangu, featuring works from a multitude of artists in the scene.

An ever-expanding list of projects in conjunction with other leading artists in sofubi.

100+ official paint runs and sanctioned customs from the past 4 years.

The first sofubi toys produced by Tru:Tek, inspired by iconic 80’s grossout toys, the Madballs.

Gory Hole’s 2015 horror toy line inspired by MaBa’s classic Zombies series.

A comprehensive list of links to all toy releases pre-ShinGangu, from 2012-2018.

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