ShinGangu’s first exposure to boutique sofubi came in the form of Secretbase and Gargamel’s fight figures over 15 years ago, so it felt natural that Kaijyu Battleground’s first sub-brand paid homage to these classic toys. The series will be launching late 2020 with 2 figures available to start; here’s an early look at the pair with some essential info…

  • Size: 3.5″
  • Articulation: 3-7 points
  • Designed and co-sculpted by ShinGangu alongside David Arshawsky
  • Garga-fink- a Roth-style take on Gargamon/Frank, featuring clothes inspired by Son of Frankenstein.
  • Garga-kun- a youthful, less mutated take on Gargamon inspired by FCtW

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