The Disarticulators’ V1. Oozeball, design/sculpt by Zectron, 2012

Here you will find a comprehensive selection of links to all of Tru:Tek’s past toy works pre-ShinGangu. Click on the logos below to check out previous releases from H.U.S.T.L.E, the Disarticulators and Gory Hole amongst many, many more…


  • The Disarticulators- A collaborative group featuring 3 artists, Zectron, Bigmantoys and Tru:Tek
  • Disart Toylabs- A subsidary to the Disarticulators focusing on third-party content and commissions
  • Gory Hole- A horror-centric brand focusing on Showa-era style toys and apparel
  • H.U.S.T.L.E- The very first toy series from Tru:Tek, featuring numerous original and bootleg mini figures from a wide selection of artists across indie toys
  • Tru:Tek paint collab archive coming soon!

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