Mighty Rabbit Studio’s ‘Saturday Morning RPG’: The Ultimate 80’s Homage

We don’t regularly feature computer games here at the Tru:Teknology Files, but when we recently discovered Mighty Rabbit Studios’ latest iOS project, we had to stop and take note. Tentatively titled ‘Saturday Morning RPG’, the game, which is due on iPhone early next year, squeezes every last drop of inspiration from the classic cartoons of the 80’s, with tributes to the likes of GIJoe, Mask, He-man, Thundercats and more scattered throughout it’s lovingly crafted 16bit world.

(A selection of early SM RPG screenshots from the GI Joe and Masters of the Universe inspired sections.)

Thankfully, Saturday Morning RPG’s gameplay draws from slightly more modern material, with the developers citing recent Final Fantasy titles, Pokemon, Paper Mario, and even the recent XBLA smash Costume Quest as major influences. To mimic the nature of Saturday morning T.V, the game will be released in episodic installments across several weeks with each episode lasting around an hour.

Mighty Rabbit have just released this trailer to whet the appetite- check their blog here for new updates and information on what could possibly become one of our favourite iPhone apps to date.

(photos- mightyrabbit)

Published by Niall Anderson

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2 thoughts on “Mighty Rabbit Studio’s ‘Saturday Morning RPG’: The Ultimate 80’s Homage

  1. hey guys, I actually work for Mighty Rabbit Studios and I just now came across your article on Google. It’s been extremely exciting getting great coverage from sites like yours, and I wanted to write you and say a sincere thanks for the positive words…every little bit really goes a long way!

    If you want any further updates on the upcoming episodes or future trailers ( I would even love to send you a build for review in the future) I would be happy to do so! Thanks so much again, it’s a pleasure to see a game we’ve poured ourselves into start to get some notice!

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