GROTY: new work from Casey Weldon @ Gallery 1988

Opening this Thursday (December 8th) at Gallery 1988’s Venice location, “Groty” is the first solo show from artist/illustrator, Casey Weldon. A regular to Gallery 1988’s group exhibitions, Casey has prepared a collection of paintings for the show, using iconic 80’s toys and their attached nostalgia as a focal point for his work.

Casey’s inspiration for the show draws from a vast catalog of Saturday morning favourites, including MOTU (Battlecat/Cringer pictured above), Glo Worm, My Little Pony and GI Joe.

The show runs from December 8th-24th 2011 at Gallery 1988 Venice. All of the artworks will be made available to purchase through Gallery 1988’s store here after the event. (more pictures to follow…)

Gallery1988 Venice, 214 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA

(photos- gallery1988)


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