MAN-E-NEWS// The new 7″ Munny World and 20″ Mega Munnys from Kidrobot…

Kidrobot has just revealed their latest series that will please the custom community the world over, the 7″ Munny World series! Munny, Raffy, Foomi and Trikky will all be available in their much requested new size from April 12th at your local Kidrobot retailer. Coming packaged in a closed box with one mystery accessory, practice sticker, and “Hello My Name Is” card, the new 7″ Munny World figures have been priced at just $19.95 each…

“Scribble on TRIKKY, create SiaMUNNY twins, craft a two-headed octoped RAFFY monster, or build a FOOMI army! Or… you could get just one, cherish it, and save the rest of your money for a leopard-print jetski.”

Not content with just one new Munny release, Kidrobot have also announced the arrival of the new Mega Munny Glossy! Standing at an impressive 20″, the new polished addition will be available in either white, black or blue colourways. Hitting Kidrobot retailers alongside the 7″ Munny World figures on April 12th, Mega Munny Glossy can be yours for just $250…

“Mega MUNNY Glossy is a beacon from the future; a future where you can draw on your Mega MUNNY, wipe clean, and draw again. Mega MUNNY Glossy has all of the customizing possibilities of matte Mega MUNNY with the addition of dry erase markers – or you can keep it just as it is: clean, elegant, and super smooth.”

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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