MAN-E-NEWS// UME Toys’ Martin Longbottom release information revealed…

The wait is finally over! After posting several updates on the progress of Martin Longbottom’s transition into a fully fledged resin release, Rich over at UME has just revealed the full details on this truly awesome release. Featuring a mixture of raw DIY blanks, a plethora of different custom runs, plus the much talked about flocked Fuzzybottoms! Coming blind boxed in accordance to their paint scheme/finish (check the line-up below), one extremely lucky collector will find a golden ticket nestled in with their Martin, which will treat them to their very own custom painted Jason from the recently released Kings of Resin series, plus a whole host of other UME goodies! Set to land on the UME Toys store this Thursday (May 31st) at 8pm London time, be sure to get in quick… Rich has had A LOT of interest in these guys! Check below for prices on each of the different runs…

Martin Rawbottom:
Do you fancy making a custom Martin yourself? If you do then a Rawbottom is the Martin for you. Rawbottom Martins are fresh resin pull; sanded and assembled (legs attached and filled) with his hat unattached, ready for whatever you want to do to him (please be gentle).

Price £40 + £3 shipping in the UK and £5 shipping rest of the world.

Martin Longbottom OG colour way:
He was born to green and that’s the way his Dad love’s him. This version of Martin comes in OG green with light green details and sports his trademark hat. But some of these little fellas have grown a rather dashing moustache (they must take after me), others are trying to look innocent and some are sporting the smooth look – who will you end up with?

Price £55 + £3 shipping in the UK and £5 shipping rest of the world.

Martin Bluebottom:
He’s not blue because he’s unhappy but couldn’t resist eating too many blueberries when I wasn’t looking. Bluebottom comes in one of UME’s house colours, wicked blue topped off with lighter blue details. Watch out though as there are only 2 of this chap around.

Price £55 + £3 shipping in the UK and £5 shipping rest of the world.

Martin Pinkbottom:
The Pinkbottom twins’ sport an awesome metal hot pink flake finish highlighted with a lush pearl all thanks to guys over at MonstorKolor paints, proving that metal rocks!

Price £55 + £3 shipping in the UK and £5 shipping rest of the world.

Martin Fuzzybottom:
These Martins are made to be stroked – flocked in a super touchable pink, green, blue or purple fuzzy finish they are sure to stand out on your toy shelf. Super limited edition run of only 4 pieces these little flockers are ready for a cuddle.

Price £70 +£3 shipping in the UK and £5 shipping rest of the world.

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