MAN-E-NEWS// The Villain Kickstarter from The Sucklord x James Felix McKenney…

Monster Pants‘ James Felix McKenney has revealed that he will be teaming up with The Sucklord for his sixth motion picture, The Villain! In order to secure the required $50,000 needed to get the project off the ground, the pair have started a Kickstarter campaign whereby devoted fans of the king of bootlegs can secure his rarest, most highly desired (and expensive) figure yet, the Villain himself! With pledge tiers for the figure starting at $250 for the basic bagged and headed edition, all the way up to $500 for the full colour carded release, only the most hardcore of Sucklord followers are going to be taking the plunge on these guys… Thankfully the duo are also offering a wide variety of lower tiers so that everyone can give their support, featuring signed postcards, digital downloads, DVDs, trading cards and more. Head over to the campaign page here to take a closer look…

VILLAIN stars toy artist and television personality The Super Sucklord as a psychotic killer who stalks the “real life super heroes” of New York City. Although his biggest criticism of the “heroes” is their need for media attention, The Villain imagines himself as the subject of his own documentary that exists only in his own mind.

“The story comes from my own reaction to seeing these self-styled heroes begin to appear a few years back.” says the film’s director. “I started working on this idea about a serial killer who would prey upon these characters who may not be equipped to deal with this higher level of criminal. I imagined it as a bigger-budget film, but then late one night while hanging out with the Sucklord in his lair, it began to transform into this smaller, more experimental and street-level project. Most importantly, I found the guy perfectly suited to play our Villain”

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