MAN-E-REVEAL// The “Critters inspired mini figures” Wave 2 from Zectron x Man-E-Toys x Bigmantoys…

Been wondering why our posting has got a little slack over the past few days? Well there is a very good reason dear readers, as this official press release should hopefully explain…

“In association with Bigmantoys and art toy blog Man-E-Toys, the Amazing Zectron aka Plastic Soul is proud to present the second wave of Critters inspired mini figures! (Check out our previous Critters coverage here) Originally produced in extremely limited numbers by Eric Nilla and sold solely through the Little Rubber Guys forum, the latest batch of Zectron’s debut toy (yep, his first toy sculpt ever!) will be coming in two distinct flavours; an authentic keshi-style rubber variant that has been produced by Tru:Tek over at Man-E-Toys, and a resin version from Lee over at Bigmantoys for the art toy purists… Both taking a wildly different approach in aesthetic (Tru:Tek has gone for a mixture of solid and marbled neons, whilst Lee has focused on “Graff-Eaty” hand paints, glossed clears, glitters, GITD and opaques- BOTH have also produced traditional flesh tones), there truly is something for every lover of retro mini-figs, art toys and cult horror!

Due to go on sale this Friday (24th August) at 9pm London time (1pm Pacific), the rubber edition will be available through the Man-E-Toys store for $15 (blind-bagged neons and flesh tone options available), whilst the resins will be hitting the Bigmantoys store (and October Toys forum) for $13 (various colour choices available). Both coming bagged and headed with a hand drawn design from Zectron, each and every purchase will also include a very special “safety booklet” on how to look after (and avoid getting eaten by) your very own Crite! (file attached) On top of that, Bigmantoys’ resin editions are also due to come housed in custom created egg packaging, sprayed in the same neon green and pink as the original film!”

Dimensions: 1.5″ x 1.5″

Edition sizes: Open run (Neon Marbled limited to 16)

Bagged, headed, with insert.

Made in the UK!

Head over to the Amazing Zectron or Bigmantoys blogs for more information/photos (we will also be posting a gallery of our own on Thursday), and expect more Critters inspired designs soon! Regular readers will also be glad to know that our regular toy coverage will resume again tomorrow…


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Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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