MAN-E-NEWS// A trio of releases from Killer Bootlegs…

Hot off the heels of last month’s ingenious “Man Inside the Mask” bootleg (find out more here), Peter Goral over at Killer Bootlegs is proud to present a trifecta of must-have resins that will be hitting the KB store this month! Here’s a quick rundown of the swag that’ll be on offer…

Vintage Art-Too feat. Hoakser// Working alongside long-time Man-E-Toys friend Hoakser, Killer Bootlegs will be releasing a new “Vintage” edition of the highly sought after “Art-Too” custom bootleg. Featuring a bootlegged vintage R2D2 with mounted spray cap, the figure has painted in the standard Krylon red and white, coming complete with a faux “Killer” Krylon sticker designed by Crush Entity. Topped off with header and character sticker art from the more than capable hands of Hoaker, “Vintage” Art-Too will be hitting the Killer Bootlegs store at some point next week… Oh, and be sure to look out for the 10 “shake and rattle” chase figures too!

Frankenfett// Due to launch the following week is the much talked about “Frankenfett”… Created using the same mould as the recent Jeremy Bulloch (Man Inside the Mask) bootleg, the decapitated figure has been cast in black, coming with GID hands and head from a vintage Remco “Universal Monsters” Frankenstein from the 80’s. Unlike Art-Too, Frankenfett will instead be offered up for pre-order on the Killer Bootlegs store (demand has been off the charts!) and will only be available in strictly limited numbers. A “chase” variant will be also released at random, featuring a reverse of the general release bootleg (GID body, with a black head and hands). Packaging will be done up in usual KB style, with each figure coming poly-bagged with a kick ass custom header card…

Killer Kaiju// Last, but by no means least, “Killer Kaiju” is Peter’s take on Japanese kaiju… albiet in 3.75″ action figure form! Kit-bashed from a vintage MOTU Webstor figure, Barbie’s little sister Skipper doll, a Madame Alexander flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz, and arms from a Kenner “Jurasic Park” T-rex, “Killer Kaiju” has been airbrushed with Monster Kolor paint and will be available in two separate offerings… Initially available poly-bagged with a Japanese movie poster style header card, Killer Bootlegs will also be featuring the figure in a carded “Monster Mash” 2 pack, with another kaiju style figure designed, molded, and cast by Butch Adams of Butcherbrand out in California. The poly-bagged version will be made available in a variety of color options and will drop the 3rd week in October, whilst  the collaborative carded version is still in the final stages of development and will be released very soon… Stay tuned for a full reveal over the coming weeks!

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