MAN-E-NEWS// The Killer Kaiju Melt and Frankenfett 2.0 from Killer Bootlegs…

“Awakened from the depths of Lake Michigan by a bunch if drunken Packers fans attempting to dye the lake green, the Kaiju immediately laid waste to Chicago reducing it to ashes and rubble!”

Ahead of the release of the Killer Kaiju this weekend (check out our previous post here), Peter Goral over at Killer Bootlegs kindly shares details of a very special edition that will be dropping soon… the Killer Kaiju Melt! Created alongside Concocted Curioddities, the oozing figure has been coated in thick layers of vinyl paint and finished in a variety of Monster Kolor sprays. Due to touch down in the KB store at some point next week, Killer Kaiju Melt will be available in EXTREMELY limited numbers!

Aside from the Killer Kaiju, Peter has also been putting the finishing touches to an all-new revised version of the highly sought after Frankenfett! This time around featuring articulation in both the arms and head (for that classic “Frank” pose!), the Remco Frankenstein/Bobba Fett kitbash is due for a general release at some point over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately (for us anyway!), the metallic sprayed “Radioactive Uppercut” exclusive pictured sold out within a matter of minutes… here’s hoping for more crazy painted runs soon!

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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