MAN-E-UPDATE// The ED-IT DJ’s B5100 and B5100 ‘Red Head’ resin figures from Tesselate…

Hot off the heels of our reveal just yesterday, UK based artist Tesselate sheds some light on his latest resin creation, ED-IT DJ’s B5100 robot… The first in an on-going series of ED-IT figures, the B5100 is a natural progression from Tesselate’s earlier music based characters first seen way back in 1999 (check them out in our interview with Tesselate here), featuring the same bold shapes and colours that made his original work so distinctive. Limited to just 5 pieces in this initial colourway, each hand cast and painted figure comes packed securely with “well used underground club desk” and two “miniature ‘Accex’ sound creating devices” for your displaying pleasure… Priced at £70 plus shipping, B5100 will be available from the Tesselate store next Thursday (November 29th) from 8pm GMT. A little strapped for cash? Then you’ll be glad to know that Tesselate will also be offering up a limited run of B5100 ‘Red Heads’ (pictured bottom right) alongside the main release for just £20 a pop!

The Fiction//

Tesselate is proud to announce that he has won the licence to produce official limited edition ED-IT merchandise. After many meetings and lengthy discussions with the group, we have big plans going forward.

ED-IT are a group of technology based DJ’s who have grown into a large force within the underground music scene. Ever since the 2068 ‘Law of Awareness’ which granted all non human creations the same right as humans themselves, the group has gained a following and have rapidly taken their performances worldwide.

Based in the UK, Toyko & Berlin, they have a residency at their underground clubs ‘Ready Place’, where they play at least once a month. All of the machines they use to create their music and also play music live, they have custom built.These devices will soon be available under the ‘Accex’ business branch.

B5100 is one of the joint founders of the ED-IT group. Before the awareness law was passed, he was working on governmental architectural projects as an electrical maintenance droid, and then DJ’d in his off time in the then illegal ‘fully auto’ underground club nights.

The ED-IT DJ’s are currently working on a new record label under the monicker ‘Lolopext Recording’, so make sure to keep an ear out for that.

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