MAN-E-NEWS// MVH x Scarecrowoven’s “Alien Chest Burster” DX Sludge Demon lottery


Originally making an appearance at last year’s NYCC, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore are proud to reveal that their jaw-dropping collaboration with gross-out illustrator Scarecrowoven, the ‘Alien Chest Burster’ DX Sludge Demon, is finally seeing it’s first official release. Featuring the standard Sludge body with an all-new head design from Scarecrowoven, the figure has been cast in a beautiful ivory bone coloured vinyl, coming with clear burgundy, blood red, black and yellow sprays plus silver detailing. Available in extremely limited numbers, MVH will once again be offering up the piece via a lottery system for just $110 plus shipping. Anyone interested should drop an e-mail to with the title ‘Hello my darling hello my baby’ quick– the entry window will be closing at 11.59pm EST tonight! Alongside the Chest Buster release, MVH have also revealed that they will be releasing a 7-colour screen print of the Scarecrowoven illustration that inspired the toy. Available to winners of the lottery for an additional $25, any remaining stock will be heading to the MVH store for just $50 a piece…

[info: Spanky Stokes]

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