MAN-E-NEWS// Corpse Hoarders, Vice Freaks and Cyborg Junkies from Broken Pigeon…


Following our look at Bombermat Toys’ Phantom Lord earlier today, we bring word of yet another up and coming custom bootlegger making waves in the scene right now, Brody Kreps of Broken Pigeon… Recently debuting 3 new bootleg lines in the newly opened BP store, we managed to get some words from the elusive artist about his intentions behind these awesome looking boots

Corpse Hoarder// Kit bashed using Arcane from Swamp Thing and a vintage Silver surfer, the Corpse Hoarder was inspired by Arcane and his creation of the UN-men. Not sure if your readers are familiar with the UN-men but they were freaks made by Arcane (Swamp Thing’s nemesis) out of random dead body parts and stitched together- In a weird way kind of what bootleggers do with dead toys… Standing at around 4″ tall, the figure comes with custom blister backer for $20 plus shipping.

Vice Freaks// Kit bashed from Swamp Thing’s Weed Killer and a Dino Rider, the Vice Freaks were once ggain inspired by Swamp Thing characters and the spin off comic book series American Freaks: A Tale of the Un-Men. Measuring in at just under 3″, the little guy once again comes mounted on a custom backer for $20.
Cyborg Junkies// A mash-up of a found zombie toy and droid, the figure was inspired by the US’ current methamphetamine epidemic. Tweekers and their undying love and devotion to used, broken, unwanted random electronics… Take it how you want it! About 4″ tall, the Cyborg Junkies have also been priced at $20 plus shipping…

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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