MAN-E-NEWS// The Disarticulator/H.U.S.T.L.E ToyConUK line-up in full!

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As promised yesterday, we can now exclusively reveal the TON of exclusives we’ll be hauling along to ToyConUK tomorrow! Featuring a mix of Disarticulator/H.U.S.T.L.E releases old and new, mini art prints, buttons and some free stuff (!), the collection will be available from the Unbox Industries booth, where myself (Tru:Tek) and Lee ‘Bigmantoys’ Burbridge will be situated for most of the day… And for all of you unable to attend the con, fear not! We have set aside at least one of every piece for online sales (accept customs), which will be dropping in the Man-E-Toys store on Monday, April 8th at 9pm GMT– more news on that this Sunday!

H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series: Wave 1 ToyCon edition// Seeing the return of the original 10 characters (plus display ring!), the mixture of original sculpts, kit-bashes and customs have been cast in a regal mix of plum and gold rubber. Limited to just one of each (20 in total), these will be available with button and insert for £10 a piece.

Royal Fail: LETTERS ‘AVE IT! “Regal Plum” (not pictured)// Created by Matt ‘Lunartik’ JOnes in conjunction with H.U.S.T.L.E: Wave 2, the figure has been cast by Tru:Tek in a flexible urethane rubber. Limited to 25 pieces in the ToyCon exclusive “Regal Plum” colourway, the figure comes signed and numbered in a custom box for £25.

Martin Hairybottom// Another upcoming Wave 2 entry, this little guy, sculpted/kit-bashed by Rich of UME Toys, will be available in 2 different colourways; a UME pink/blue which will be available at the UME Toys booth, and a Pear Pink on sale at Unbox. Both come with resin hat accessory and H.U.S.T.L.E button for £8. Limited to 5 of each.

Intruder-San// An upcoming collaboration between H.U.S.T.L.E’s Tru:Tek and the Mark Ultra, the little GI Joe mash-up made an appearance in resin a while back with limited supplies now available in rubber. Dropping on the Mark Ultra store next week in standard flesh and green colourways (more news on Monday), a metallic blue and gold will be available at the con. Coming capsule packed with button and insert, these have been priced at £6 each. Limited to 10 blind packed.

Man-Nie H.U.S.T.L.E// Laying dormant for months, Peter Kato’s exclusive H.U.S.T.L.E entry is finally here! Cast in blue resin with silver sprays and tight detailing, each figure comes packed with a stat card, button and mini art print for just £10! Limited to 10.

H.O.R.D.E Ape// The first ‘single’ figure in the new H.U.S.T.L.E sub brand, H.O.R.D.E Ape, sculpted by Jimmy Rommel, has been cast in both Pearl Pink and Red/Gold colourways. Coming packed with header and button, the figure can be yours for just £10. Limited to 5 in each colourway.

H.O.R.D.E Minion 2 pack// Joining H.O.R.D.E Ape, 2 of his finest minions will also be available in an authentic clamshell blister! Once again cast in Pearl Pink and Red/Gold, the sets will be available for £20 each. Again, limited to 5 of each colour.

Tiny Terrors from the Deep// We are extremely happy to reveal an all-new and improved version of our debut mini figure line as the Disarticulators! Available in either ‘Flesh’ or ‘Not So Standard’ editions, the set of 3 designs have been cast in a flexible rubber (and resin in some cases!), coming packaged in a custom made plastic tub. Priced at £30, the sets have been limited to 5 of each.

TTFTD Bio-Drone: X-Ray// The first ‘single’ release in the TTFTD series, Bio-Drone has been cast in a mixture of rubber and c-thru resin, coming complete with computer board insert. Limited to 5 one-off colourways, these little guys have been priced at £10 each.

TTFTD Lobsterman: Pearl// Joining X-Ray, Lobsterman also receives an outing as a ‘single’ figure, this time around cast in a gorgeous Pearl Pink rubber. Again limited to just 5 pieces, the figure can be yours for £10.

KESH-E-FACE// Our trademark figure will be making an appearance in 4 different colourways this time around; a cold cast aluminium K-1000, Red/Gold rubber, standard Flesh and a custom Green w/Black rub. Coming packed in an authentic blister with button, these will be available for £25. Limited to 5 pieces of each.

‘Critters inspired’ mini figure// Back by popular demand, Zectron’s Critter will be making an appearance in an ‘After Dark’ metallic blue colourway. Limited to 5, these will be available for £10 a piece.

Higekami: Master of Beard-Fu// Last, but by no means least, our first ever Break Fighter will be making a return! Coming in an all new blister pack design, the figure will be available in a ToyCon exclusive ‘Midnight Assassin’ metallic blue, plus the standard neon assortment. Priced at £15, these have been limited to just 3 and 5 respectively.


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