MAN-E-NEWS// Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s Death Vader Beserker lottery…


Teased here earlier in the week, Rich over at Mutant Vinyl Hardcore has finally given the full lowdown on the awesome Death Vader Berserker release! Whilst we wait with baited breath for the first official drop, Rich has managed to secure a batch of 20 Berserker heads that have been attached to the standard club-armed Ollie. Cast in a glossy black soft vinyl, the lumbering 14″ monstrosity has been painted in a tight selection of metallic silver, blue and red sprays inspired by the Dark Lord himself. Priced at just $155 plus shipping, the beast will be up for grabs via the usual lottery system. To enter, interested parties are going to need to drop an e-mail to with the title “I am your father”, followed by your name, address and Instagram name if you have an account. The lottery ends this Friday, June 28th at 11.59pm EST, so be sure to get your entry in soon…

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 14.02.29

But that’s not all! Joining the Death Berserker, Rich will also be offering up a matching Sludge Head DX to 7 lucky winners. Cast in a white soft vinyl, the 7″ piece has been sprayed in a mix of metallic silver, red and blue. Priced at an additional $110 with no extra shipping, any remaining after the first offer will be heading to the MVH online store this Sunday, June 30th…

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