MAN-E-NEWS// Radioactive Uppercut x DuBose Art’s Parasitic Human Condition mini series revealed…

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 14.40.00

As if the looming 8-Ball Kickstarter campaign wasn’t enough (touching down this coming Monday folks!), our buddy John Santagada over at Radioactive Uppercut has teamed up with Man-E-Toys regular DuBose Art for yet another all-new series… the Parasitic Human Condition! Featuring 5 gruesome designs from John representing desire, hunger, transition, loneliness and laziness, the creatures are due to be sculpted and produced by Jonathan DuBose, presumably in his signature, Monster Kolor dyed resin. We’ve been told that Transitus will be the first character out of the blocks, so be sure to stay tuned for a full reveal of him soon!

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 14.58.25

As one of the growing list of artists to contribute to the upcoming 8-Ball Kickstarter campaign, DuBose was also given the honour of customising one of the early resin castings. Giving the 4″ figure articulation through the use of neo-magnets, the piece was then given the full Monster Kolor workout, with vivid green and black sprays finished with a layer of hi-gloss. One of many customs to feature in the project’s numerous reward tiers, we’ll be giving you guys the full rundown of what will be on offer before the project goes live this coming Monday, July 1st…

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