MAN-E-NEWS// The Monster Worship SDCC 2013 exclusives…


Monster Worship take SDCC by storm once again this year, revealing a whole slew of exclusives that’ll only be available at the Dragatomi booth next Friday, July 19th between 2pm-4pm! Without further adieu, we bring you the complete rundown in full…

BLACK HEKSEN// A collaboration between Monster Worship and Dwid Hellion, Black Heksen has been cast in GID soft vinyl for this SDCC exclusive, coming with grey, red and black paint accents. Standing at approximately 7″ tall and packed with both dagger and staff accessories, the figure has been priced at $70. MW has also stated that a super-limited amount of unpainted GID may also be making an appearance too!

CANNIBAL FUCKFACE// The latest iteration of Johnny Ryan’s awesome Cannibal Fuckface has been cast in a pink soft vinyl with metallic purple, red, yellow, & silver paint accents- MW’s bastardization of the classic Hawaiian colorway! Standing at 7.5″ tall and coming with matching slorge accessory, Cannibal Fuckface will be available for $85. Pure soft vinyl violence!

ROTTWEILER HERPES// Continuing the Hawaiian theme, the latest RH has also be cast in a bright pink vinyl with similar contrasting sprays. Weighing in at 8″ tall with 3 points of articulation, Herpes can be yours for just $85 a go!

MECHA GREASEBAT// Debuting just a couple of weeks back, the mecha version of Jeff Lamm’s Greasebat receives it’s very first painted run! Colours are still to be confirmed, but we can expect the 9″ tall beast to come complete with switchable right fists (non-firing rocket & spikeball), plus an SDCC exclusive header for $95 each.

KUSOGON// Still to be revealed, beaK’s creepy Kusogon will be making a new appearance in an SDCC exclusive colourway. Standing approximately 4″ tall with 2 points of articulation, we’re still awaiting confirmation on pricing.

PRIEST// A brand new figure from a secret artist, the only information that we can confirm so far is that it’ll stand at around 7.5″ tall, come with 5 points of articulation and will be priced at $85. Expect a full reveal after the con!

SEMI KOROSIYA// Teaming up with Cop A Squat Toys, Monster Worship are proud to announce an SDCC exclusive variant of the Semi Korosiya kaiju! News on colourways and pricing are still to be announced, but we’re guessing these are going to look incredible!

Joined by a number of other one-offs, merchandise, plus some as yet unrevealed surprises, this little lot will ONLY be available in the 2 hour time slot mentioned above, so you better act fast if you want a slice of the action! To relieve the anxiety somewhat, presale tickets will be available from the Dragatomi Booth, starting on Thursday July 18th (#’s chosen at random)… Stay tuned for news of post-con sales soon!

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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