MAN-E-NEWS// Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s ‘Coral Inferno’ Ollie lottery…


“Like a leviathan rising from the warm waters of Hawaii this vibrant beast is here to quench that vinyl thirst…”

In celebration of the new Mutant Vinyl Hardcore website’s soft launch this week, owner Rich is offering up what is arguably the most stunning Ollie colourway yet, the mesmerising Coral Inferno! Cast in beautiful milky semi-translucent vinyl with infused silver pearl, the simple yet complex paint-up features a mix of opaque aqua blue with metallic aqua green, accented with hot pink and silver detailings. The first figure to be up for grabs through the site’s new internal lottery system, anyone interested is going to need to head over to the page here and fill in their details before 11.59pm EST tonight (July 26th). Limited to just 15 pieces, Coral Inferno Ollie has been priced at $155 plus shipping…

ollie comp

But that’s not all! Continuing the celebrations over the weekend, MVH are also offering up a total of 5 prize sets via a competition on Instagram! With a number of figures up for grabs including unpainted Ollies, Sam Heinous heads and a Sludge Demon, anyone fancying their chances is just going to need to follow MVH (@mutantvinylhardcore) and repost the relevant images with the hashtag #mutantvinylhardcore. The lucky winners will be announced on Sunday!

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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