MAN-E-NEWS// The Happyman resin figure from Bob242 x Falcontoys…


Mike Woods over at Falcontoys has teamed up with Bob242 for the release of his latest collaborative project, the Happyman resin figure! Paying tribute to Sparklehorse front man Mark Linkous, the awesome 3.75″ figure was kit-bashed and resculpted by Bob, taking inspiration from the late singer’s attire in the promo shots for the single Happy Man. Bob kindly shares some background info on the design- “Mark would appear in promo photos with a suit and a white horse head mask. This predated the horse head meme. Linkous had a special attachment to the outdoors and a fascination with horses. The Happy Man figures honor Mark and his music. Sometimes strange and unnerving, sometimes beautiful and lucid, his words and sounds still haunt the hearts of many of his fans. These figures try to capture the imagination and spirit of Mark. He is greatly missed and I hoped to offer a fan’s farewell with art. I also hoped other fans would see and enjoy this. It also provided the opportunity for people not familiar with Mark’s work to pick up a Sparklehorse album and enjoy.” Hand cast, painted and packaged by Falcontoys, the ‘inaction’ resin figures have been limited to an edition of 15 one-off designs, ranging from slick clears, realistic monotones and the odd parody thrown in for good measure. Priced at just $35 each plus shipping, the Happymen will be touching down in the Bob242 store this Friday, December 13th at 5pm Eastern time…


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