MAN-E-NEWS// The Disarticulators’ Ooze-Claw sale tonight…

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With the highly anticipated Ooze-Claw sale going live on the Man-E-Toys store tonight (1/15) at 9pm London time, we thought we’d give you a quick recap of the three separate releases that’ll be on offer- plus an exclusive look at the remaining custom one-offs that we held back from our post yesterday!

Ooze-Claw General Release// Created as a display stand for both the Ooze-Ball and MoD, this 2-part rubber piece will be available in 4 different colourways chosen to match past Ooze-Ball releases; an “Original” neon green and pink, a “Vintage” green and pink, a “Stealth” black, plus a “Crystal” clear cast in our special premium rubber. Available on their own for $14 each ($18 for Crystal), we will also be offering them up with a matching ball for $38 ($40 for Crystal)- both options coming bagged with a header co-designed by The Disarticulators and Ralph Niese…

“Cosmos Alien” [Print Ver.] Ooze-Ball & Claw set// Taking direct inspiration from the original Cosmos Alien (Ooze-It gachapon bootleg) print ad, the Ooze-Ball has been cast in a similar dark green with a silver marble this time around, whilst the Claw has been treated to a solid orangey red that matches the pictured plug accessory. Limited to an edition of just 5, each set is due to come packed with an exclusive Cosmos header for $40 plus shipping.

“One-Off” Micro Run Ooze-Ball & Claw set// Joining the Cosmos Aliens, we’ll also be unleashing a number of one-off Ooze sets too! Cast in a mix of two and three tone marbles with matching display stands, these are due to come bagged and headed for $45 plus shipping. Pictured here are the remaining three omitted from our early post- head over to the Man-E-Toys IG feed for a closer look!

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