MAN-E-NEWS// War on Prehis’ Multi Drone resin action figure from Goodleg Toys…


“Beast, machine and man have fused to perfection in this latest creation of Prehistorian warfare. The six armed abomination can fight with the precision of a robot, the ferocity of an animal, and the ingenuity of man. Because of it’s fast turning arm prothesis and it’s shrieking buzz saw chest, the Multi Drone is also known as the Whirlwind of Doom on Prehis…”

The fine chaps over at Goodleg Toys are proud to reveal their 5th War on Prehis figure, the terrifying Multi Drone! Kit-bashed and intensively re-sculpted using a variety of KO action figures, the beast stands at around 5.5″ tall with 3 points of articulation (head, shoulders), coming hand cast in a “foul” green resin with additional hand painted details. Dropping alongside a number of one-off custom painted versions, each and every figure is due to come packed in the newly designed War on Prehis display box with a copy of Goodleg’s second WoP mini-comic “Attack of the Skull Squad” (featuring art from Paplo Perra & Ralph Niese). Priced at $75 for the regular version and just $95 for the customs, pre-orders for Multi Drone will commence today (1/31) at 9pm GMT+1 on the Goodleg store

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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