MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The Rampage Studios “Keshi Party” recap…

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We’re back!!! After an amazing few days with Rampage Toys‘ Jon Malmstedt over in Japan, we’re finally catching up with the stack of news and reports we plan to share with you guys- and what better way to start than with a recap of the Rampage Studios Keshi Party?! Featuring a ton of mini figure bootlegs cast up by our very own Tru:Tek including the final appearance of the Cupcake Luchas, hilarious new gachapon micros and Nama Niku’s Kentucky Fried Muscle, these were also joined by exclusive versions of both Tankhead and Eraserhead courtesy of Eric Nilla, plus the debut of The Disarticulators’ latest figure, Atomic Uchuujin- a strong showing all round we’re sure you’ll agree! With a high calibre of attendees including a number of high profile keshi collectors, the boss of Mandarake and Longneck’s Yoda-san, it truly was an honour (not to mention completely surreal!) to be in the company of so many cool people & awesome toys…

rampage leftovers2

Now onto what you guys really want to know about, the online sales! Whilst unfortunately Atomic Uchuujin sold out during the show, a number of the other figures remain, including limited flesh versions of all the new keshi customs, Nama Niku’s pachi battle sets, a whole horde of gacha figures, plus one of only two flesh Oozeball and Claw sets in existence! Currently being offered up to newsletter subscribers (sign up here if you haven’t already!), any remaining figures will be up for grabs in-store later this week…

rampage leftovers1

But that’s not all… On top of the Keshi Party figures, Jon is also offering up a slew of leftovers from last weekend’s Wonderfestival! On top of a number of different painted and blank Cyclops Dinos and Gachapon Goblin micros, there’s all-new minis from Grumble Toys, a Justin Hillgrove UU micro run, more Frenzy Dino mash-ups, plus the first 100% soft vinyl Cupcake Fighter with keshi omake. Again, these are being offered up to newsletter subscribers first before heading to the store, so if you’re looking to be first inline for the next leftover drop, be sure to head over to the Rampage blog here and sign up ASAP…

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