MAN-E-NEWS// Gravy Toys’ “Let’s Make Lonny” Kickstarter campaign…


“Once upon a time, let’s call it a little while ago, there were three brothers from the planet Brodarr, Jeff, Lonny, and Drizzz. At egg birth, they were kicked out into the night sky. Through life they stuck together, smashing things, partying, drinking the entoxicating rootsacks of the Noob flower by campfire. Now they want to come visit earth. Jeff, Lonny, and Drizzz have heard about the tasty melty Earth core. If only they can get here…”

With Jeff successfully introduced into the wild last year, Bwana Spoons and Gravy Toys are looking to realise the second brother of The Suns of Brodarr, the hapless Lonny, through the aid of their latest Kickstarter campaign! Designed by Spoons and sculpted once again by Ohio’s Beth Graves, the fully articulated soft vinyl figure is currently available through a number of different pledge tiers, ranging from the basic “Premmie Glow” blank, hand painted DX versions, matching Lonny and Jeff packs in Trans Rootbeer, plus the ultimate “When Doves Cry” package- featuring all of the rewards from the 11 lower tiers, PLUS the chance to have Spoons come to your home or place of work to create a mural of your choice! Already over 40% backed in just 24 hours of going live, we suggest heading over to the campaign page here ASAP before some of the more limited tiers are fully subscribed…

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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