MAN-E-NEWS// Paul Kaiju’s shop-drop this Saturday…


As promised in our coverage of the Dark Blue Mockbat yesterday, Paul Kaiju has revealed a whopping total of 4 new releases that’ll be heading to his store this Saturday, May 17th! With so much up for grabs, the figures will be split into 2 separate drops at 1pm PST and 3pm PST respectively. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect-

1pm Drop:

MOCKSHOCK SET- Marking the first non-con release of the beautiful Mockpilot, the 3 piece comes complete with both Mockbat and Hellmock. Painted in a contrasting mix of metallic purple and mint green against neon purple, green and orange, the trio have been priced at $300 plus shipping.

RED REE- Cast in a bright red soft vinyl, the creepy-yet-cute vintage style doll has been treated to a choice selection of metallic sprays for this release. Packed with 3 alternative bodies and heads, Red Ree comes in at just $95 plus shipping.

3pm Drop:

GID MOCKPILOT- Offering collectors a second chance to bag this incredible figure in one day, this version of the pilot has been produced in a glow in the dark soft vinyl, coming with a selection of vintage kaiju inspired metallic and neon sprays for $110 a piece.

CHIBI JINX- Last, but by no means least, we have the first official retail run of the micro-sized King Jinx! Cast in what appears to be a red vinyl, the little mite comes with gold, metallic green and pink sprays. Priced at just $20 each, these will be up for grabs alongside all of the above in the Paul Kaiju store right here

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