MAN-E-NEWS// Custom bootleg Madball figures from Gnosis x Monster Island…

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 14.19.39

Grizlli Atom aka Gnosis and Monster Island have teamed up for a round of custom bootleg Madball figures! Kit-bashed by Grizli, the fully articulated, 5″ tall figures feature the body of the vintage “Wolf Breath” Head Popper alongside Giraprendi’s recent “Fang Thang” water squirter, coming with a ton of additional sculpted detail including a new ruffled neck and fixed axe accessory. Currently undergoing production courtesy of Monster Island, we’re told the first batch will be touching down in his store as early as tomorrow- so be sure to check back for the full scoop on the possible Friday 13th release as soon as we get it!

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 17.54.54

UPDATE// Whilst we still can’t confirm any solid release details for tonight’s bootleg Madball release in the Monster Island store, we have been treated to one of the many unique paint apps that will be up for grabs! Treated to a mix of neon and brown Mad Ape Ninja sprays, detail hugging black washes and a hi gloss clear coat, expect the little guy alongside a whole host of other new creations in the MI store right here later on today (6/13)…

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