MAN-E-NEWS// Lulubell Toys’ Saturday SDCC 14 exclusives revealed…


Following our mammoth post here earlier in the week, we can now bring you the remaining SDCC exclusives that’ll be up for grabs at the Lulubell Toys booth this Saturday, July 26th! Joined by the remaining 5 of Restore’s Neo Japan and Evil Dave’s Bella Muerta, the final day plays host to a whole heap of Grody madness, with mash-ups and customs coming from Mishka, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and newcomer Ummiko. Here’s a quick rundown of what’ll be up for grabs…

Mishka Mash-Ups (top)- The guys over at Mishka have teamed up with Grody Shogun for the release of 2 “Keep Watch” mash-ups! Featuring Lamour Supreme’s KW Bootleg head, the previously revealed “Children’s Toy” (coming with the legs of Ummiko’s Koningu) has been joined by a new sitting figure from Grody, both coming cast in multi-toned marble vinyl. Going on sale at the booth at 11am on Saturday, both have been priced at just $65 each, with the Ummiko figs limited to 8 and the Grodys, just 4.

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Grody Shogun- Saving the best until last, Lulubell have managed to secure a total of 3 Grody mash-up micro runs from none other than Rich over at Mutant Vinyl Hardcore! Featuring a mix of Grody Monster and Sludge Demon parts, the Blood Egg Grody’s (ltd 4), Strawberry Icey’s (ltd 3) and Ghoulies (ltd 4) have each been hand painted by Rich on a stunning pearl base vinyl, coming in at just $125 each. Going up for sale at the Lulubell booth via lottery on Saturday afternoon, tickets will be handed out at 3pm with a drawing at 3.15pm.


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