MAN-E-XCLUSIVE// The Disarticulators, Disart ToyLabs and Gory Hole at the Rampage x Tru:Tek NYCC booth…

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We’ll be winding things down here at Man-E-Toys ahead of our trip to New York for NYCC next week, but before we go, we’ve decided to give you guys the full lowdown of exclusives that our very own Tru:Tek will have on offer at his joint booth (#208) with Rampage Toys at the Tenacious Toys collective. Featuring product debuts, limited prototypes, collaborations and one-offs from The Disarticulators, third party brand Disart ToyLabs and all-new horror ‘zine and apparel start-up Gory Hole, keep reading to find out what exactly will be on offer from our editor-in-chief across the 4 days of the con…

The Disarticulators

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Oozeball Resin Prototype/OG and NYCC excl. Sofubi Pre-Order: It’s finally here… the long awaited sofubi Oozeball! A follow-up to last years hugely popular keshi-ball release, the DA’s Tru:Tek has completely redesigned the figure from the ground up for the new medium, opting for a more organic, Ooze-It like face, paper clay-style textures and the pièce de résistance… a hidden face inspired by Georges Méliès iconic 1902 silent movie, Le Voyage dans la Lune! Beautifully sculpted by none other than Zectron, the 2-part design has been upscaled from the original 2″ diameter to little over 3″- making it both more in-keeping with the classic Madball scale, and, more interestingly, compatible with a wide variety of mid-sized kaiju with the base removed…

oozeball turnaround

Debuting at the con in prototype form, a strictly limited batch of 10 grey resin casts have been produced by Tru:Tek, each coming packed in a custom dated, signed and logged box for added authenticity. Available from booth #208 starting preview night (10/9), these have been priced at $75 a piece… But that, of course, is not all! Joining the proto release, The Disarticulators will also be offering up the sofubi version for the very first time via preorder. Available in 2 different colorways; a standard “OG” in a pantone perfect Ooze-It green and an NYCC exclusive in a silver lamé (glitter), both are due to be produced by Rampage Toys in a squishy soft vinyl, with an estimated shipping date of late January/early February 2015. Priced at $40 each – inclusive of a special NYCC extra to be revealed closer to the shipping date – these will be available right through all 4 days of the con in unlimited numbers… To those unable to attend the con, stay calm, we haven’t forgotten you! The interested few can expect details of the “OG” version’s online release next week…

rotten promo

Rotten Tomato Resin Prototype: In celebration of the release of Triclops x Rampage Toys x Skull Head Butt‘s Rotten-X, The Disarticulators have decided to bring back the original Rotten Tomato figure as a super-limited resin prototype! Designed by Triclops, sculpted by The Disarticulators’ Zectron and produced in a proto grey by Tru:Tek, the gross, maggot infested 3″ ball comes safely packed in a similar custom dated, signed and logged box as the previously mentioned Oozeball. Limited to an edition of just 5 priced at $60 each, these will be available throughout the con starting Preview Night on Thursday, October 9th…

rotten proto turnaround

But again, that’s not your lot! On top of the standard run, The Disarticulators will also be offering up another batch of 5 protos packed with an extra special item- a blank red soft vinyl cast of the Rotten-X head from Rampage Toys and Marmit! NEVER to be repeated again, this could be your one and only chance of bagging a slice of unpainted SHB in the West… Going on sale Saturday, October 11th, these sets have been priced at just $80 each.

atomic uchujin promo blind

Atomic Uchuujin “Blind to the Truth” Mystery Bag Edition: Having previously only seen 2 very limited con/event releases in the past, The Disarticulators’ infamous Atomic Uchuujin returns for a special one-off blind bag release! Inspired by banned Ultra 7 character Alien S’Pell (head over to Ultraman Wiki here to find out more), the Zectron designed/sculpted figure has been produced in a UV resistant keshi-style rubber courtesy of Tru:Tek. Limited to an edition of 10 one-off tints and finishes – including the elusive “gift only” neon purple – the 2.5″ tall figures are set to come packed in premium foil bags, selling throughout the con blind-bag style for just $25 each.

leucotomy promo

The Leucotomy Ball: UK apparel brand Leucotomy have teamed up with The Disarticulators for the release of their very own signature ball toy! Designed by Leucotomy’s Gabe Mackenzie and sculpted by the hugely talented Zectron, the 2″ ball – roughly the same scale as the previously released Oozeball – has been inspired by a Manga short story compilation (name forthcoming), blending a macabre, exposed flesh design along with elements from Cure’s Thorn Ball Boogieman to devastating effect.

leucotomy turnaround

Debuting at the con in both flesh and GID colorways courtesy of Tru:Tek, both editions have been limited to just 10 piece each, coming bagged and headed with art from Gabe for just $30 a piece. On top of the main runs, a number of blind-bag one-offs will be available at various times throughout the con, so be sure to head over to the booth and check them out!

Disart ToyLabs

iceclops promo nu price

Iceclops: Originally revealed as a near-finished clay proto way back here in early July, we’re very proud to reveal that NolanJP‘s second movie themed GPK-style figure, Iceclops, will finally be making his debut at NYCC! Paying tribute to Ray Harryhausen’s iconic beast from 1958′s The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, the ingenious mash-up of monster and doll stands at around the same height as the previously released Scary Larry at 2.5″, coming complete with – in true GPK style – an icecream cone horn and lumbering mace. As with the Leucotomy Ball, Iceclops will be making his first appearance in 2 of Disart’s favourite colors; flesh and classic green GID, both coming cast up by Tru:Tek in a UV resistant, keshi-style rubber. Limited to just 10 of each, both editions come packed in a GPK inspired foil pack for just $25 each…

iceclops DIY promo

Calling all customisers! On top of the standard release, we will also be offering up a round of 10 Icelops figures in a blank white resin- perfect for those looking to paint the little guy up! Packed in the same foil bags as the main release, these will set you back a slightly cheaper $20 each.

scary larry promo

Scary Larry “GID”: Joining Iceclops, NolanJP’s original movie themed GPK-style figure, Scary Larry, will be returning for a special NYCC exclusive colorway! Bowing to the constant requests of fans, the wicked werewolf has finally been produced in a classic green GID rubber courtesy of Tru:Tek. As with Iceclops, Larry has been limited to an edition of just 10 figures, each coming packed in a premium foil bag for just $25 each. Expect to see these little guys at the booth starting Preview Night…

screwball promo

The “Strange Kid” Screwball: Originally debuting right here way back in June, the Disart ToyLabs are proud to reveal that their debut collaboration with Strange Kids Club – the Screwball – is finally set to return for an all-new NYCC exclusive release! Based on an illustration for SKC’s ongoing Circle Jerks sticker line, the stunning gross-out sculpt was originally undertaken by artist Jose David Cifuentes Ulloa as a fan project, quickly sparking the interest of SKC editor, Rondall Scott III, and ultimately leading to a full scale toy release. 3D printed, prototyped and produced courtesy of Tru:Tek over at Disart ToyLabs, the 3″ x 2″ figure will be up for grabs in both GID and flesh-toned rubber, limited to 10 of each and priced at just $30. As with the Leucotomy Ball, a number of blind-bag one-offs will be available at various times throughout the con, so be sure to check back regularly to avoid disappointment!

cobraking promo

Pachi in Ya Packet “Cobraking”: Waiting in the wings since it’s first reveal way back in June, Disart ToyLabs’ collaboration with Monster Namahage, the “Cobraking” custom bootleg mini will finally see the light of day at NYCC as part of Disart ToyLabs’ “Pachi in Ya Pocket” series! Meticulously kit-bashed and re-sculpted from a mix of vintage mini figure designs, the 2″ piece has been cast in a MIMP-style UV resistant rubber. Available blind bagged in a selection of classic neon hues, these will set con goers back just $12 a piece…

Gory Hole

gory banner newletter

On top of the huge selection of keshi, resin and sofubi we’ve mentioned above, Tru:Tek will also unveiling an all-new side project that’s been in the works for the past few months… the rather ominously titled Gory Hole! Brainchild of twisted alter-ego Deadman, the brand is set to play host to a bi-annual illustration based ‘zine featuring artists from across design, low brow, tattoos and toys, as well as companion prints, t-shirts, jewellery and other assorted merc. Whilst a display-only preview copy will be the only taster of the ‘zine ahead of it’s official debut in late November, a number of other items will be up for grabs to kick the brand off in style. Here’s a quick rundown of what will be on offer starting preview night…

tshirt promos

“Tarbman” and “Demon Quigley” Ltd Ed T-Shirts: As part of the regular Gory Hole release schedule, 2 different shirt designs will be offered up each month; one from owner Deadman and another from a featured ‘zine artist. Kicking things off, Deadman’s Simpsons/Return of the Living Dead mash-up “Tarbman” has been joined by a collaborative effort with illustrator Two-Dimes entitled “Demon Quigley”, paying homage to the classic “Horror Workout” VHS and its equally infamous mail order print ad. Limited to editions of just 20 pieces each in a NYCC exclusive black on white (a standard release is set for heather and a reversed black in Late November ’14), each shirt comes packed in a custom Gory Hole biohazard bag for just $25 each.

ooze and stretch ring promos

The Ooze and Stretch “Monster on Your Finger” Rings: Previously unveiled here a couple of weeks back, the hotly tipped “Monster on Your Finger” series will be debuting at NYCC with 2 different designs up for grabs! Based on infamous bootleg monster toys of the 70’s and 80’s, the rather aptly titled “Ooze” and “Stretch” have been directly inspired by the Cosmos’ Alien Ooze-It knock-off and the Japanese Stretch Monster bootleg. Produced in a patinated pewter courtesy of Baindots, the standard US size 10 rings have been limited to just 20 of each, coming packed in a drawstring bag with collector tag for $70 each. Worried the rings may be too big or too small? Well, as long as plans to release more sizes in the future – albeit in a different material – we will be offering the rings with 24″ silver plated chains for an extra $5 each…

Stay tuned for our regular – albeit slightly condensed – posts to return over the weekend (including one final exclusive reveal!), and be sure to stay glued for our extensive on-the-floor con coverage starting Thursday next week…

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