MAN-E-NEWS// The “Return to Black” Bastard sofubi mini from Uamou…


Celebrating the most classic of non-colors with a special “Return to Black” promotion this week, the guys over at Uamou are proud to present the first of a series of daily releases, the “All-Black” Bastard! Having made appearances as part of Uamou’s various exclusive releases recently, the 3″ tall sofubi mini is finally available to the general public in glossy black vinyl, with limited runs of both painted and unpainted currently up for grabs. Located in Uamou’s Atelier store and online right here, the All-Black Bastards have been priced at just 2,00yen ($18) and 1,800yen ($17) respectively… Look out for the next “Return to Black” release tomorrow!


But that’s not all… On top of the “Return to Black” promotion, Uamou have begun to share some of the various exclusives they’ll be bringing along to Designer Con 2014 this weekend! First out of the blocks are these gorgeous “Uamouflage” Glyos Crayboths. Produced by Onell Design in a black PVC for the release, the micro-run of fully articulated, sub-2″ minis have been treated to Uamou’s signature camo paint app in a mix of white and grey acrylics. Touching down at booth #403 alongside a whole host of other Uamou goodies – more of which we’ll be posting throughout the week – pricing and edition size on the little guys are still to be confirmed…

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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