MAN-E-NEWS// Rampage Studios’ Holday Extravaganza online sale…


With Rampage Studios‘ Holiday Extravaganza event proving to be a huge success this past Friday, owner Jon Malmstedt has revealed that only a smattering of figures remain for general sales. All currently available in the Rampage Toys store right here, we bring you a quick rundown of exactly what’s on offer…

Rampage x Konatsuya “Kubiros”- Rampage’s Jon Malmstedt takes on Konatsu’s fox sofubi Kubiros for his latest official micro-run. Limited to just 5 pieces, these have been produced in a yellow soft vinyl with subtle orange, white and red sprays for just $50 each.

Rampage x Tarantulas “Merry Nibbler”- A one-off, 4 armed variant of The Tarantulas ever popular “Nibbler” RealxHead figure, the little guy has been treated to a festive mix of metallic red, green and yellow sprays with a shiny gloss coat, coming in at just $90.

“Metal Brigade” Unicorn Tanks- The Gachapon Goblin micro tanks return for a special holiday release with Unicorn riders! Featuring a tank in either silver or bronze, each set comes complete with a full Unicorn micro that can be split in 2 and fitted on top of the tank. Priced at just $15 a set, these have been limited to just 4.

2014 Rampage x Krotpong “Killer Krampus”- Following the success of last year’s release, Krotpong’s Killer Krampus returns for another Christmas edition! Produced in a blue glow soft vinyl, the 9″ tall figure has been treated to a number of paint apps from both Rampage’s Jon Malmstedt and famed Kaiju Painter, Goto-san. Coming packed with a “demon bad child” omake, ruten (for beating said child!) and removable gold chains, the limited batch – including a one-off chase – have been priced at $100 a piece.

Rampage x Bukimi Blasters “Evil Demon”- As originally revealed here, Rampage’s Jon Malmstedt has taken on Bukimi Blasters’ Evil Demon sofubi for his latest painted micro-run. Produced in the standard mint green soft vinyl, the 5.5″ figure has been adorned with a number of blood-red sprays, rubs and hand painted detailing courtesy of Jon, coming complete with a super-gruesome matching severed head omake. Limited to just 5, these have been priced at $100 each.

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Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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