MAN-E-NEWS// The Man-E-Toys exclusive “Albino” Rotten-X and 1st Oozeball online release announced…

rotten x albino

First off, we’d like to give our regular readers a massive apology for the lack of coverage over the past few days, you have a word we’ll be back running full steam by the end of the week! Our absence hasn’t been without cause though, as we’ve been gearing up for not one, but two massive drops in-store next week. First up, we have the long-awaited arrival of the Man-E-Toys exclusive “Albino” Rotten-X… Featuring the Triclops designed/Zectron sculpted “Rotten Tomato” ball as a head, the stunning “X” body figure has been jointly produced by Rampage Toys and Skull Head Butt, standing at around 9″ tall and coming with 5 points of articulation. Marking the figure’s third colorway following the previously released NYCC exclusive “red” and Lucky Bag “green”, Rotten-X has been cast in a gorgeous milky light pink with red lamé, coming with vintage-style metallic yellow, green, pink and black sprays courtesy of Rampage Toys. Limited to a micro-run of just 5 pieces, these guys will be up for grabs in the Man-E-Toys store next Thursday, February 26th at 9pm London time for just $95 each plus shipping… But that’s not all! On top of the Man-E-Toys version, both Triclops and Zectron will be releasing their own colorways in the near future- be sure to stay tuned for details on those soon!

photo 1

Next up we have the much anticipated first online release of The Disarticulators’ Oozeball sofubi! Designed by Tru:Tek and sculpted by Zectron, the loving tribute to Ooze-It, Madballs and Georges Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon has finally undergone full production over in Japan, with the first batch now ready and waiting to be sent out to those who preordered back in October/November. Produced in a super-squishy soft vinyl and fitted with a previously unannounced squeaker on the undercarriage (yep, you read that right!), the ball has initially been produced in 2 colorways; the OG “Ooze-It” green and NYCC exclusive “Moon Dust” grey/silver sparkle. Whilst the majority have already been called for, an undisclosed amount of each will be touching down alongside the “Albino” Rotten-X in the Man-E-Toys store next Thursday for just $45 each… But wait, there’s more! In the build up to the release, Tru:Tek will be offering up a 1/1 uncut “Moon Dust” test pull in a “hard” soft vinyl to one lucky Instagram follower- so be sure to keep track of his feed right here over the next couple of days to find out how you can snag this true collector’s piece!

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