MAN-E-NEWS// The Francios le Grande “Value Lottery” from Lulubell Toys…

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“The misconception that money dictates value has taken a strong hold on the Indy toy movement. Supply and demand are engineered, and consumers are often duped into thinking high price is a benchmark for quality. This two way street runs rampant with misconceptions and odd justifications. It’s weird and facinating all around.

Money in itself is odd. Haves and have nots. Or, have and have not so much. To someone who has a lot spending money, a high price on a relatively simple thing doesn’t have a very high impact on their lives. Conversely, to a person working twice as hard to earn half as much, a purchase speaks volumes. Neither are right or wrong just two sides to a coin. The issue is valuing one over the other.

What garners true value, is it money, effort, time, hoodzspa? Perhaps it’s a culmination of them all, or more?” ~Luke Rook

With auction sites, forwarding services and flippers (aftermarket sellers) all helping to artificially push up the prices of indie toys into the realms of financial exclusivity in recent years, Luke Rook and the guys over Lulubell Toys have decided to buck the trend and offer up their Francios le Grande sofubi as part of a unique “Value Lottery” sale! Offering up the stunning 15″ tall figure over a total of 3 lotteries that every toy collector out there is guaranteed to be able to afford; the first features a fully painted one-off Franc for $500, the second, a half painted version for $250, and the last, another painted version that’s been priced at $0… Yep, completely and utterly free! To enter any of the 3 separate lotteries, all you’re going to need to do is e-mail before 5pm Pacific tomorrow (5/9) with either “Full Painted Francois Lottery”, “Half Painted Francois Lottery” or “Third Painted Francios Lottery” in the title, being sure to include your full name and PayPal address in the body… Good luck to all who enter!

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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