MAN-E-NEWS// The “Test Bite” Leviathan and “Jet Black” Sludge Demon sofubi from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore…

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In celebration of his first year working full time in toys, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore‘s Rich Montanari Jr has just unveiled 2 massive releases he has up for grabs over the next few days! First up, we have the first official ru of Leviathan, the “First Bite” edition. Originally seen as a one-off custom at Rampage Studios’ recent “Clash of the Titans” show, the 13″ tall figure features the MVH Krawluss head with the Berserker Ollie body, this time coming cast in a blue slate colored vinyl with dark grey, metallic blue, silver and copper sprays with unique blood splatters and embellishments. Packed with a whole host of goodies, including a haunted axe, severed head and trident weapons, Berserker sticker, hand painted unique MVH paper with metal rim tag, plus a goodie bag of shark gummy candy. Priced at just $215 plus shipping, anyone interested in a chance at bagging the beast is going to need to fill out the dedicated online lottery form here before close at Midnight Eastern time tonight (8/14)…

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Joining the “Test Bite” Leviathan, Rich will be delving into the MVH back catalog for a very special webshop release, the “Jet Black” Sludge Demons! Sittiing at around 4″ tall, the classic figure has been produced in an unpainted black vinyl this time around, coming packed in a net bag with two MVH stickers, one button and a metal rimmed paper MVH hanging tag. Priced at just $65 each, the Sludge Demons will be touching down in the MVH store this coming Sunday, August 16th at Noon Eastern time…

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