MAN-E-NEWS (UPDATED)// Skullmark’s “SkullWorld Warriors” sofubi revealed…


Wasting no time since the final release in their debut series “Galaxy Commanders” last week, the team behind Skullmark are proud to reveal that their next upcoming sofubi project – the “SkullWorld Warriors” – is already entering the final prototyping stages! As with the Galaxy Commanders, the series has its foot planted firmly in the world of vintage knock off action figures, this time around drawing inspiration from the classic Underworld Warriors of the 1980’s. Featuring a similar, albeit slightly chunkier body to the original 5.5″ figures, the upscaled series is set to include all 6 heads – Krampus, Cobraman, the Devil, Skull, Goblin and Witch – from the original line. Due to go on sale via preorder in the Toy Underground store next week, we’re told that all 6 designs will be available as a complete set from the off. Stay tuned for a full reveal in vinyl, plus those all important release details, over the next few days…


UPDATE// The “Skullworld Warriors” are now up for grabs via preorder through the Toy Underground store right here! Standing at 10.5″ tall and featuring 8 points of articulation each, the stunning figures are initially available as a complete set ahead of “single” releases early next year. Limited to 30 painted sets and just 20 blank, these can be yours for just $450 and $390 respectively… Look out for details of the single releases in Q1 2016!


Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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