MAN-E-NEWS// The first edition “Meats” vinyl figure from Retroband x Unbox Industries…


First seen right here a few weeks back, the debut version of Retroband‘s highly anticipated “Meats” vinyl figure has just been revealed in-full! A loving tribute to both classic zombie and body horror flicks, the decaying, deformed creep stands at a round 12″ tall, featuring articulation in the arms, legs and neck as well as coming with both cleaver and meat hook accessories. Produced by Unbox Industries in a tan soft vinyl for his first outing, Meats has been treated to a plethora of subtle earthy sprays and hand brushed detailing courtesy of Retroband’s Aaron Moreno. Debuting in limited quantities at the Retroband x Miscreation Toys Designer Con ’15 booth next month, expect full release details for this must-have figure over the next couple of weeks…

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

2 thoughts on “MAN-E-NEWS// The first edition “Meats” vinyl figure from Retroband x Unbox Industries…

  1. Hey homie I appreciate you taking the time for supporting. It means a lot really! But I’ve mentioned it several times that I sculpted this and that it was 12″. If it’s not too much to ask please make the adjustments. This is the second time it’s been blasted with this info.

    Be easy -A

    “Making toys I wish I had growing up”


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