Cop A Squat Toys’ “Coke Bottle Green” Fumestu…

Set A Kurzweil & Erewhon

Fresh from his Gravy Toys exclusive release just a few weeks back, Adam Saul over at Cop A Squat Toys returns with a fresh batch of Fumetsu sofubi in a gorgeous “Coke Bottle Green” colorway! Heavily inspired by vintage toys such as Astro-Mu 5, the line features a total of 4 “trans-human” characters spread across 2 sets; Erewhon/Kurzwell in Set A and Neuman/Vinge in Set B (bottom); each coming with a removable torso that reveals a “super computer” named Ailesh that is said to control the four from within.

Set B Neumann & Vinge

Produced in a clear vinyl filled with tinsel this time around, each figure comes with metallic silver and charcoal sprays over a clear green base, as well as an Ailesh in either metallic flo pink or green. Limited to just 5 of both – each coming packed with header card and lapel pin – the “Coke Bottle Green” Fumetsu sets will be touching down in the CAST store on Tuesday, February 2nd (Ground Hog day!) at 6pm Eastern for just $150 each… But that’s not all! Bowing to the requests of fans, Adam will also be offering up a limited supply of blank figures too. Available singularly minus header and pin, these have been priced at $70 each…

Ailesh Guts

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