Tru:Tek’s “Pigu” Mimi Monsters and “Killed Kane” Gamarah…


Our very own Tru:Tek has teamed up with TAN for a very special painted run of Mimi Monsters this week, proudly presenting the Pigumimis! Coming in at around 5.5″ tall and featuring articulation in the neck, these slimy cyclops’ have been cast in a gorgeous orange vinyl this time, complete with metallic red, flesh, plum and black sprays inspired by classic kaiju infant, Pigumon. Limited to a run of just 5 pieces, these little guys will be going on sale in the Softoy Hobby store at a random time this Friday, June 3rd for $140 each plus shipping. Want the optimum chance at scoring one? Then be sure to switch on your Instagram notifications for Tru:Tek’s feed as he’ll be posting on there beforeĀ the drop!

chestbuster turnaround.jpg

But that’s not all… As a prelude to another upcoming micro-run release, Tru:Tek will also be offering up a one-off “Killed Kane” Gamarah via silent auction on Friday too. Designed and sculpted by Co.Oc29 for his ongoing Yokai Yu line, the 8″ tall amphibious kaiju has been cast in a green soft vinyl this time, coming with a multi-layered flesh paint app, copious blood splatters, plus a chest bursting worm omake inspired by the fateful Gilbert Kane scene from Alien. Available to bid on for a 24 hour period starting 0.00am – 23.59pm this Friday, June 3rd, interested parties will be required to direct message their maximum bid to Tru:Tek on IG (@trutek), with the highest securing the figure. A winner will be notified with 24 hours of close, with payment expected within 3 days… Look out for news of the micro-run (plus more Mimis) from Tru:Tek soon!

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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