Splurrt’s “Met” stone golem sofubi revealed…


“The Kabbalahist thought he could use his knowledge to make and control a clay man. He scooped all the clay he could find from the river bed and sculpted a giant man, he finished his spell by scribing  אמת (Emeth) or Truth on the bottom of the foot. Amazingly the spell worked, and he had created a living golem, but god was furious he had tampered with such vile magic, men were not mean to create life, and he cursed the creature. The magician tried to reverse his spell erasing his engraving to מת (met) or dead. But it had no effect, what was done could not be undone by his power. Now he and his people would be punished for his acts…”

As promised yesterday, we bring you word of yet another new figure coming from Splurrt soon, the stone golem known simply as Met! Here, the artist kindly explains his intentions for the project- For many years now, I’ve had the idea of doing a clay golem. As it often goes, I had no real intention of making this figure when I did, having just made another standard size figure in the Masterworks Cadaver Kid. After being in the recesses of my mind for years, I guess it just decided it was time to manifest. I just picked up clay and spontaneously decided it was time to make the golem.”  Standing at a lofty 12″ tall (which will likely end up at 11″ after vinylisation), the giant is set to come with 6 points of articulation as well as a 2-part battle club. No word on when or where the figure will be available as of yet, but you can be sure that as soon as we hear anything, you guys will be the first in the know…

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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