Gory Hole’s official relaunch announced…

gory pins promo for trade

With toy news a little slow today, we thought we’d share some info on our upcoming relaunch of toy/apparel brand Gory Hole! Set to feature a ton of new VHS horror-inspired merch including pins, patches, tshirts and of course toys in the form of Warui Zonbi keshi sets and GH x Violence Toy one-offs, the new line will be dropping right here on Friday, June 24th at 9pm London time. We’ll be revealing the various designs and artists involved with the project over the next couple of weeks, but first we start with our initial line-up of 5 soft enamel pins…

[Top Row] Warui Zonbi “SS Werwolf” and “Selwyn”: Designed by Japan’s Kotobuki Man (of Uncut fame), these Bikkuriman-style pins will come with a number of different buying options, including singularly for $8 each, as a value set for $14 together, or as a deluxe set, featuring Warui Zonbi keshi mini figures, a Bikkuriman-style holographic sticker, plus the pins in a custom made display box for $35.

[Bottom Row] “Oozerface: The first design to feature in the Ooze Nightmares series (an ongoing mash-up of Ooze-It and iconic horror characters!), the Leatherface-inspired Oozerface has been created by one of three artists onboard with the project, the mighty Craig Gleason. Look out for designs from fellow ooze enthusiasts Live Rad and Grizlli Atom soon!

“The Scumballs are Among Us”: The first pin in our general series entitled Pinheads, this Fulci-inspired Scumball was designed by none other than Keith Caves. Limited to 100, these come numbered, bagged and tagged for $8 each

“Heinous Head Crab”: Joining the Scumball as part of the Pinheads series, this Thing-inspired effort has been created by Draculazer aka Michael Skattum. Also limited to 100 priced at $8 each, these will be joined by a t-shirt with the same design at launch…

Published by Niall Anderson

Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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