Tru:Tek’s Slimerballs and Norris Oozecrab for the Xenoplasm group show…

unnamed-9 2

With the highly anticipated Xenoplasm group show touching down at Melbourne’s Outre Gallery in just a couple of weeks time, our very own Tru:Tek exclusively reveals the 2 entries he’ll have up for grabs! First off, we have the Slimerball micro-run. A mash-up of the Oozeball and STKL Toys‘ Uneasy Joe (in particular, his arms!), this limited edition of just 3 balls have been treated to various slime-green, purple and pink sprays to resemble everyone’s favourite little spud Slimer, coming complete with yellow-sprayed glass eyes to match the original 80’s Kenner toy…

unnamed-14 2

Next, we have the Norris Oozecrab one-off. Once again featuring a number of arms from STKL’s Uneasy Joe (5 this time!), the custom, based on the fateful Norris from cult horror flick The Thing, has been treated to layers of fleshy sprays, blood splatters, a blood shot glass eye stalk and a gruesome hi-gloss finish. On display alongside a whole host of other one-offs and painted runs at the event on July 8th, interested parties can get a preview of what will be on offer by checking out the event’s dedicated Instagram feed right here

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