Tru:Tek’s one-off Earthly, Mimi Monster and Ooze-faced Jinmenken for the Gory Hole relaunch…

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 22.38.43

Joining the slew of shirts, pins, patches and keshi that’ll be dropping as part of the Gory Hole relaunch tomorrow evening, owner Tru:Tek will also have a trifecta of one-off custom sofubi up for grabs too! Here’s a quick rundown of what will be on offer in-store (minus a couple of surprises) come 9pm London time this Friday, June 24th…

terminator earthly

“Terminator” Earthly// One of six custom Earthlys Tru:Tek will be releasing over the next couple of months, this “Boy” version has been cast in a flesh-tone soft vinyl complete with blood red, flesh, black and silver sprays to resemble the one and only Termonator. Packed with removable mask that reveals Arnie’s true android self, the future cyborg-come-Earth conscious diety has been priced at $160 plus shipping…

mad mimi

“War Pup” Mimi Monster// Hot on the heals of the recent PiguMimi run, this one-off Mimi Monster comes sprayed in a mix of flesh, pink and brown over a black rub, complete with “Valhala” silver sprays, real leather strap and weathered neck scarf to resemble the young War Boys in Mad Max: Fury Road. The War Pup can be yours for $150…

butter oozedog

“Neo Ice Cream” Ooze-faced Jinmenken// The latest version of Tru:Tek and Awesome Toy’s Oozeball/Jinmenken mash-up, this one-off has been cast in a mix of flesh and yellow soft vinyl, coming with mint blue, flesh and neon sprays with purple detailing. Featuring a removable cap on the ball for dual display, the “Neo Ice Cream” Ooze-faced Jinmenken has been priced at $170…

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