“Neo-Clam” Duwas, “Oil Slick” Smog Balls and more in the latest Softoy Hobby sale…

clear black smogballs 2.jpg

Our very own Tru:Tek of Submission Toy will be dropping a number of blanks, painted runs and customs in-store this coming Friday, March 31st at 9pm London time

The release is set to include;

  • “Oil Slick” Smog Ball- Submission Toy’s debut figure has been double-poured in a gorgeous clear/black sofubi, with blank ($75) and factory painted ($85) options available. Limited to 5 of each
  • “Silver Strobe Mine” Smog Ball- Smoggie gets his first online painted run, coming in a mix of black, silver, metallic purple and green sprays courtesy of Tru:Tek. Limited to 5 with 1 reverse chase, priced at $120 each
  • Warui Zonbi: Series 1 “Teal”- The MaBa Zombie-inspired series returns in a super-limited blank teal colorway (painted version will be dropping at ToyCon UK next month). Features both SS Werewolf and Selwyn for $30 per set. Limited to 5
  • “Cockwork Orange” Bukkake- Electric Monarchy‘s debut keshi receives an exclusive from it’s producer, Tru:Tek. Limited to 10, each coming cast in an orange UV resistant rubber and packed in a resealable bag with Clockwork Orange-style stickers. Priced at $25 a piece
  • “Neo-Clam” Moonwalker Oozeballs- Submission Toy’s Rich Page and Tru:Tek come with another limited batch of Walkers. Cast in a Japanese sofubi with acrylic brushwork and sprays, the balls come packed alone or with a resin-cast Walker stand. Limited to 5 priced at $110/$90 each
  • “Neo-Clam” Duwa- Toysbian‘s Duwa is once again taken on by Tru:Tek. Cast in a GID sofubi with metallic pink, pink and silver VColor sprays, these are limited to 3 priced at $250 each
  • “Golden Shower” Duwa one-off- Cast in a GID sofubi with metallic pink, pink, neon purple and gold VColor sprays with silver brushed detailing (Hi-gloss coat not shown). Priced at $265
  • Click through for more pics

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Owner of ShinGangu, a UK boutique toy brand specialising in self-produced Japanese soft and keshi toys...

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