New Toys for Melancholics

Presented by the Toy Art Gallery, Hollywood, Italian surrealist sculptor and philosopher Gabiels’ new solo show introduces his prolific work to the sleek world of art toys.

Designed and sculpted with complete precission, Gabriels’ polished bronze odities are hosts to scores of tiny internal elements, with detail finer than any production toys that have gone before.

Gabriels intentions are for a limited run of the toys, so it will be fascinating to see how close the care and attention can be replicated from his hand crafted pieces.

The show runs until Jun 3rd at the Toy Art Gallery, Hollywood


Required Reading

A recent exhibition at Gallery 1988 in Melrose, Los Angeles, invited several respected artists and illustrators including Alan Hynes, Chris DeLorenzo and the Delicious Design League to create posters inspired by their most cherished books.

The results are truly diverse, with the likes of Dave Perillo’s playful interpretation of the Wizard of Oz standing side by side with Derek Deal’s b-movie inspired take on The Masque of the Red Death.

Prints of all of the artists work are available through the gallery’s site.

Chew on This!

Respected artist and illustrator Ralph Consentino is holding his first solo exhibition of work, Chew on This!, at the famed Rotofugi gallery and shop, Chicago.

Working for the likes of DC, Warner Bros, Disney and the Cartoon Network, Consentino’s distinctive 1950’s approach to design has caught the attention of both children and adults alike. Characters such as Honk Honk Ashoo have been licensed as major toy lines, whilst his self-produced Kaiju Kidz project sold out at key designer toy outlets including Kidrobot and Tower Records.

The culmination of a year of work, Chew on This! touches on the familiar themes seen in Consentino’s work, drawing on characters from past projects in his unique visual style.

The exhibition will run May 27th – June 26th, Rotofugi, Chicago 

photos- rotofugi/consentino

Monsters in Fashion

Presented by ATOPOS, ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion is a unique exhibition offering an insight into the relationship between character design and contemporary fashion.

With contributions from both artists and fashion designers including Dr NOKI’s NHS, Boris Hoppek, Issey Myake and Cassette Playa, the show promises a diverse range of photography, illustration and clothing drawing the boundaries between the two industries ever closer.

The ARRRGH! Exihibition is participating in the Athens Festival 2011, at the Benaki Museum, Athens. 15th May – 31st July.

photos- ATOPOS

Mr Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Daydreams

One of the UK’s much loved illustrators and art toy designers, Doktor A, is holding his first UK solo exhibition of work at the Iksentrik gallery in Bath this month.

Building a reputation on his quirky yet thoroughly detailed custom toys, Doktor A’s steampunk aesthetic has graced numerous production art toys in recent years. The Doktor’s latest exhibition, Mr Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Daydreams, houses a massive selection of toys, prints and illustrations created over the past year. The sheer level of detail put into each piece of work is truly astonishing, and is definitely something that anyone with an interest in art toys should check out.

The exhibition runs until the end of May.

 Mr Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Daydreams- Doktor A

Iksentrik, Bath

photos- vinyl abuse

A Wish for Japan- 1000 cranes

An ancient Japanese tradition promises that a wish will be granted as a reward for the devotion of folding one thousand origami cranes, and it is on this premise that a design project has been created to help the people of Japan in this troubled time.

 One Thousand Origami Cranes for Japan, in conjunction with a number of top illustrators / designers including Todd Selby, Tokyo Plastic, Brian Grimwood and Tom Uglo have created several designs which can be made into origami cranes. A donation to the charity allows a download of one design, along with instructions to guide you in making the crane.

 “This project seeks to draw on that ancient healing and show that the emotional blow received can be responded to through the strength of solidarity and human compassion.”

Inside Joe Ledbetter

Iconic LA street artist Joe Ledbetterhas been putting the final touches to his new exhibition “Innards”, to be held at the world famous Copro gallery, Santa Monica on June 11th.

 Famed for his emblematic lines, vibrant colours and unique visual flare, Ledbetter has shunned the themes and storylines usually evident in his work for this new project, erasing any self inflicted barriers. To fans of his timeless style, this will offer an insight into the mind of one of LA’s most loved character artists.


Alongside Ledbetter’s exhibition comes the release of his new art toy range, “Chinese Zodiac” by Play Imaginative, featuring twelve animals of the zodiac in his “superflat”style.

Joe Ledbetter’s 2007 film “Joy Comes in the Morning”

 Innards by Joe Ledbetter

June 11th 8-11.30 Copro Gallery, Santa Monica

The Reign of Pink


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Celebrating ten years as the self proclaimed “King of Pink”, Californian street artist Buff Monster has opened his first major solo exhibition, The Reign of Pink, in the UK.

Known for his oozing pink landscapes of squirts, breasts and drips, Buff Monsters newest installation is being housed in London’s Stolen Space gallery until the end of May. Coming to the public’s attention through Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, Buff Monster’s provocative style has lead him to illustrating for the likes of Hustler magazine, Juxtapoz, Paper, The New York Times and many more.

“Reign of Pink” by Buff Monster
Stolen Space, London