MAN-E-NEWS// The Painted Face resin multiple from Big Trubble x Anser…

Toronto based Laird Henderson aka Big Trubble has teamed up with established local street artist Anser for the release of the Painted Face resin sculpture! Based on the artist’s reoccurring character of the same name, the stunning 6″ tall piece was sculpt, moulded and cast in resin by Laird, with the finishing line work ratherContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The Painted Face resin multiple from Big Trubble x Anser…”

MAN-E-NEWS// The Lost “Dia de los Muertos” Resin Skull street drops begin!

First off, we’d like to give a massive thanks to everyone who bought and supported the Lost “Dia de los Muertos” Resin Skulls release last week. As our first handmade resin figure, we were kind of nervous as to what you guys would think, so it’s been great to of had such a positive response. AsContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The Lost “Dia de los Muertos” Resin Skull street drops begin!”

Flying Fortress’ latest resin Teddy Troop revealed…

Revealed on Clutter Magazine yesterday, street artists Flying Fortress are putting the final touches to the latest addition to the Teddy Troops family. Created to reflect the recent changes to their recently overhauled Teddy Troop design (see photo below), details are scarce, with edition size, availability, and pricing still to be confirmed. One interesting pointContinue reading “Flying Fortress’ latest resin Teddy Troop revealed…”

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Graffiti Artist and Toy Customiser HOAKSER

Featured here in the Tru:Teknology Files back at the beginning of last month, graffiti artist-cum-toy customiser Hoakser has been hard at work sine our last look into his art; opening his first solo show, working on several inspired pieces, and gaining recognition from the likes of leading art toy bloggers ToysREvil and Spanky Stokes forContinue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Graffiti Artist and Toy Customiser HOAKSER”

Planet Streetpainting’s 3D LEGO Army @ Sarasota Chalk Festival

Drawing to a close yesterday, the world famous Sarasota Chalk Festival featured over 250 artists across seven days, all proudly working in the versatile yet evanescent medium of chalk. Entering in the festival’s newly formed ‘3D Pavement Art’ segment, Dutch collective ‘Planet Streetpainting’ stole the show with their witty piece, the ‘3D Lego Army’. InspiredContinue reading “Planet Streetpainting’s 3D LEGO Army @ Sarasota Chalk Festival”

TrustoCorp’s ‘Life Cycle’ @ Opera Gallery, NY

Opening this Friday evening (October 21st) at the Opera Gallery, NYC, ‘Life Cycles’ is the latest exhibition by the infamous street art crew, Trustocorp. Featuring the group’s larger-than-life approach across film, painting and interactive sculpture, Life Cycles is set to be their most ambitious project to date. “After a long summer of highly publicized, illegalContinue reading “TrustoCorp’s ‘Life Cycle’ @ Opera Gallery, NY”

Uncovered: The Custom Toys of Graffiti Artist HOAKSER

Based in Birmingham, full time graffiti artist, Hoakser, has gained a huge amount of attention in recent years for the wide and varied scope in which his art has been delivered. Primarily working with spray paints, Hoakser is a master in wild styles, dubs, hand styles and characters, with his creations featuring on walls, t-shirts,Continue reading “Uncovered: The Custom Toys of Graffiti Artist HOAKSER”

Bristol’s Street Art Revealed: feat. ‘See No Evil 2011’

Often heralded as the centre for UK street art, Bristol has been home to some of the UK’s leading graffiti artists including Inkie, 3D, and Banksy. With the art form’s legitimacy in the media ever increasing, local crew Team Love organised the ‘See No Evil’ block party, one of the world’s largest scale urban artContinue reading “Bristol’s Street Art Revealed: feat. ‘See No Evil 2011’”

Inside Joe Ledbetter

Iconic LA street artist Joe Ledbetterhas been putting the final touches to his new exhibition “Innards”, to be held at the world famous Copro gallery, Santa Monica on June 11th.  Famed for his emblematic lines, vibrant colours and unique visual flare, Ledbetter has shunned the themes and storylines usually evident in his work for thisContinue reading “Inside Joe Ledbetter”

The Reign of Pink

  (original post for Celebrating ten years as the self proclaimed “King of Pink”, Californian street artist Buff Monster has opened his first major solo exhibition, The Reign of Pink, in the UK. Known for his oozing pink landscapes of squirts, breasts and drips, Buff Monsters newest installation is being housed in London’s StolenContinue reading “The Reign of Pink”