MAN-E-NEWS// The “Ultra Rare” Fishtank Castle Annual 1983 from The Tarantulas

Ahead of the massive NIBBLERS artist series due late November (find out more here), The Tarantulas are proud to reveal the first printed book based on the highly sought after figure, the Fishtank Castle Annual 1983! Featuring action packed Nibbler comic stories, an official Nibbler collectors checklist, the┬áNIBBLERS artist custom series gallery, unseen stuff fromContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The “Ultra Rare” Fishtank Castle Annual 1983 from The Tarantulas”

MAN-E-NEWS// The Heavy Metal Qee book from…

Nearly 2 years in the making, the HMQ (Heavy Metal Qee) Custom Show will finally be opening it’s doors this Thursday (April 12th) at London’s Forbidden Planet Megastore. Featuring 30 heavy metal inspired pieces from some of the UK scene’s most prolific artists including A Little Stranger, Hoakser, Lunartik, Penny Taylor (Taylored Curiosities), RunDMB andContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// The Heavy Metal Qee book from…”