MAN-E-NEWS// Zukie in a Bottle from Alison Perez…

There seems to be no stopping Zukie creator Alison Perez at the moment, with this past weekend seeing the release of yet another enchanting series, Zukie in a Bottle. Limited to just 20 pieces, each hand sculpted Zukie comes in its own corked glass bottle, replete with hand made box and communication scroll. Coming blindContinue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// Zukie in a Bottle from Alison Perez…”

Funghi Friday: Tado x Creo Design’s Funghi toy release

Dropping tomorrow (Friday December 16th) on Tado’s recently relaunched store, their latest collaboration with Creo Design comes in the form of Funghi, a 4″ resin mushroom beastie available in a staggering 35 different colourways. The little guys have been limited to a run of 60, with each signed, numbered, and boxed by Tado themselves. PricedContinue reading “Funghi Friday: Tado x Creo Design’s Funghi toy release”

TRANNYformers: New resin figures from 2bithack

Continuing the shameless pop culture parodies of our last post, we present to you the “TRANNYformers”, the latest line of resin figures from toy creator, 2bithack. Launching yesterday, the 4″ tall hand cast and painted toys are available to purchase for $40 each through 2bithack’s bigcartel here. The up coming artist first debuted at DesignerContinue reading “TRANNYformers: New resin figures from 2bithack”