MAN-E-NEWS// Askew Rangers: Buggz The Toxic Bunny by Josh Mayhem

Josh Mayhem is proud to reveal the latest addition to the ever growing Askew Rangers series, Buggz the Toxic Bunny. Standing at a whopping 15″ tall, the stunning one-off piece was painstakingly created through a mixture of original sculpture, kit-bashing and toy customisation. Replete with the Askew Rangers’ trademark overwhelming array of weaponry and accessories,Continue reading “MAN-E-NEWS// Askew Rangers: Buggz The Toxic Bunny by Josh Mayhem”

Exclusive: Interview With Toy Creator/Customiser Adam Pratt

(Hand Painted Skekiltor, Adam Pratt/Halfbad Toyz- Art and Design Steven Patt 2011) With his custom toy work featuring in both of our recent ‘Rivet Wars‘ articles, we decided to delve a little further into the world of artist Adam Pratt. The Massachusetts based toy designer/customiser has produced a number of amazing pieces over the years,Continue reading “Exclusive: Interview With Toy Creator/Customiser Adam Pratt”