MAN-E-NEWS// The “Exciting World of Jalldoon” resin series from Rampageo Industries…

PrinceAlgorHeroic 2

DoonKick‘s Jesse Chagnon has taken the leap into the world of resin art multiples as he proudly presents his debut line under the newly formed Rampageo Industries, The Exciting World of Jalldoon! Featuring a absolutely incredible selection of neo-vintage style designer action figures and companion minis based on the fictional planet’s native ‘Slime’ species, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on the series’ main protagonist ‘Prince Algor’ before delving into a full review of the various other creatures later in the week…

PrinceAlgorHeroic 1

Created in conjunction with ManOrMonster Studios, the prince has been kit-bashed from various vintage 5.5″ action figures, coming replete with 100% Warlords of Wor compatible neo-mag joints. Featuring the series’ 2-eyed ‘Slime’ head, this has also been cleverly modified with magnets to offer full interchangeability with the rest of the Jalldoon line. Cast up in a variety of different colours including the pictured ‘Slime’ green, purple/white and our favourite, neon yellow/clear, Prince Algor will be touching down in the DoomKick store alongside a whole cast of other figures next Wednesday, April 20th at 9pm for just $40 plus shipping each… Stay tuned for the full lowdown on the rest of “The Exciting World of Jalldoon” later in the week!

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