MAN-E-NEWS// The ‘Leader’ from Big Trubble x Jamiyla Lowe for ‘A Clear Blazing Fire’…

Big Trubble x Jamiyla Lowe - Leader 1

“The mysterious beast known only as the Leader has a small but devout following. They worship him without question and whisper his secret name under their breath as they go about their daily tasks. What inspires this passionate adoration? The few outsiders that have laid eyes upon the beast report a simultaneous sense of horror and reverence that cannot be explained.”

Toronto based artist Laird Henderson aka Big Trubble kindly shares details of his entry for Magic Pony‘s ‘A Clear Blazing Fire’ group show, the absolutely breathtaking ‘Leader’ resin figure… Closely based on an illustration by Jamiyla Lowe, the beautifully sculpted beast stands at an impressive 8″ tall, coming with 6 intensely detailed ‘Follower’ figures, each hand cast and painted by the artist. Limited to just 9 sets, the Leader and his Followers will be available at the show for $500…

A Clear Blazing Fire - Flyer

“Every moment must be spent worshipping the Leader. Each loyal follower should be in possession of an idol bearing the great Leader’s image for those times when the glorious one is away. Ensure your entry into The Pit of Eternity with this beautifully crafted statue.”

Joining the main package, Laird has also created a standalone Leader entitled the ‘Idol’. Painted in a rather more ominous brown with bright red eyes, the ‘single’ piece has been limited to just 5 this time around, coming with a price tag of $300 each. Once again, expect to see these the show’s opening this Friday, March 15th…

“A Clear Blazing Fire” Group Art Show
680 Queen St W, Toronto, ON Canada
Friday March 15th
from 7-10pm

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